Note: A yaoi Kurama and Hiei story

Warning: This story should probably have an 'R' rating for the stuff that happens in it. (This is sad, ne? I'm writing a story that I am technically too young to read. ^_^;) People die in various gruesome ways, suffer through heartbreak, get really badly hurt, and other Nasty Stuff happens.

Warning: This story has a great deal of yaoi in it. Now, like I said, if you don't think Hiei and Kurama could be closer than the mere friends they are in the anime and manga (stop staring at me that way), you might as well scram now. 'Coz I promise you, you won't like it that much if you don't. ^_^; (Yeah, right, WhiteCat, scare away the prospective readers, why don't'cha ...)

Warning: If you've read some of my other works, you'll know that I happen to like angst. ^_^; I like stories where Bad Things happen to the good guys. But only if they have happy endings. Keep that in mind, as you read. No matter how dark the story goes, the ending will be at least partially happy. I hope. ^_^;

Note:This story is finished!

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